YKSH Sweatproof Earbud Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Comfort seems to be one of those things you appreciate more and more as you grow older. That’s just one of the many reasons I chose to give these headphones 5 starts. I love how the flexible ear piece is soft and still forms perfectly around my ear. The earbuds themselves seem to be the perfect size to help cancel out any background noise. This set has easy accessible volume controls and was extremely simple to sync to my iPhone. A couple ofbluetooth-wireless-earbuds-headphones2 words of advice – 1. They would not sync for me while they were connected to the charger. 2. Don’t try to force your charger into the port on the earbuds. Hook the USB end in first and then push the smaller end into the charging port of the earbuds gently until you see the red light come on indicating that they are connected. All earphone charging ports are generally pretty delicate, and you can deem the port unusable if you try to force the charger in. The charger was easy to hook up to these earbuds. The sound quality is pretty great. The cord is thick and durable. These headphones are perfect for working out, cleaning house or even at work. I received these headphones for a discount for testing and review.

bluetooth-wireless-earbuds-headphones1 bluetooth-wireless-earbuds-headphones

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