Worst expandable hose I’ve ever owned

I was really looking forward to receiving this hose because it’s the perfect length for me to use over my entire yard. My grandson and I hooked it up and began testing it and playing with it. It came with a nozzle, so he was excited to spray me with it. After stretching the hose out to see how far it would reach and spraying each other with it for a few times, the hose busted at the connector. There’s no fixing it. It’s shredded. I tried contacting the seller twice and got no reply. My grandson was so disappointed that he couldn’t play with it anymore. I was disgusted that someone would sell such a poorly made product. Very disappointed. Luckily, I received this hose free for testing and review – so at least I’m not out any money. Just have a disappointed grandson 🙁

Here’s where you can purchase it if you like bad quality hoses HERE

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