Wifi Repeater,URANT Wireless-N Mini Range Extender

I didn’t even have to think twice about giving this wifi repeater 5 stars. It nearly doubled my speeds in rooms in my house that usually don’t get a great wifi connection. Before the repeater, I was getting 35 mbps in my bedroom. After hooking up the repeater, I’m not getting over 66 mbps. I’m zooming! We have so many devices that require internet connection that our connection gets bogged down a lot. Now that we have this bad boy, we don’t have to struggle with the lagging. Installation was super easy. The instructions were very clear on what to do. I am using this as a wifi repeater along with my regular router. It has instructions on different ways the device can be used, so you need to pay attention to which set of instructions you need to follow.

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I was given this wifi repeater free for testing and review.

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