Vesfashion Red Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag

red-and-white-striped-insulated-lunch-bag03I work in a remote location that doesn’t offer many choices for eating lunch. Besides, eating lunch out every day can get expensive. I like to take my lunch a couple of times a week, and I usually carry it in a brown paper bag. There are several disadvantages to brown paper bags. First, they are flimsy and tear easily. Secondly, they don’t keep my food cold (or hot) unless I put it in the fridge (or reheat it). There’s never enough space in a paper bag. It won’t hold a 20-oz water bottle and a sandwich and chips.

I came across this sweet looking reusable adult lunch 14937156_1499555943404541_702582788_nbag on Amazon and had to have it! Of course, as usual, I’m going to order pretty much anything that is red. I do love me some red. I was truly impressed when I received this lunch bag. Not only does it have a great design with the red and white stripes, but it’s also insulated! The insulation keeps my cold food cold much longer than a plain ol’ brown paper bag. It has tons of room inside. As you can see from my video, I can easily fit a 20-oz Sprite and a 32-oz Gatorade bottle inside and still have plenty of room left over. This lunch bag is extremely durable as it’s made from a canvas-type material with sturdy stitching. There’s a convenient pocket on the front of the outside that velcros shut. The flap also velcros to keep my food and drink secure. Once I’ve finished my lunch, I can even fold it in half and velcro it closed and store it in my purse!


I’m definitely pleased with this lunch bag and highly recommend it for anyone who takes their lunch to work.

To order this stylish reusable lunch bag, click the link below:

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