Under the Stars Bracelet

img_3767I had seen this bracelet a few times on the computer, but never in person. Each time I saw it, I thought that it looked really pretty, but I just don’t wear a ton of fancier stuff right now. Finally, I decided that I would get it for a Christmas gift, and I am so glad I did. It is REALLY pretty in person.

It is a nice size. Not at all petite, but certainly not overbearing or gaudy. It comes in a couple of different colors, but I received one that looked almost like rose gold. I was initially skeptical of that too, but again, it just didn’t matter once I received it. It looks lovely, and I feel confident that even a silver stickler like me can appreciate it.

The craftsmanship looks good. It feels weighty (not cheap), and the clasp and chain all look img_3765-1pretty sturdy. The chain also has the ability to clamp smaller or larger depending on wrist size, so this piece can work well for anyone. The stones in the circles of the bracelet look nice too. One thing I instantly notice on jewelry that makes it feel cheap looking are the stones. Are they glued in? Do they have huge prongs that show significantly? Or, like this piece, do they fit straight and flush to one another. It really does look good.

The bracelet came wrapped and in a box so that it didn’t get scratched or dinged in the travel. The box is lined too, so, again, it just looks like the seller cared about the delivery. It also came with a soft swatch to clean it. Classy.

I wish I could find an excuse to keep it, but I am also certain that it is a great gift. I recommend this piece (or others in this collection…I think there is a necklace) to someone looking for fancy yet inexpensive jewelry.

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*I have received this bracelet at a discounted rate. Nevertheless, the review above has been left at my own discretion, and it reflects my honest and unbiased opinions.


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    1. It has really nice weight to it. It feels solid, which is one of the things I like about it. It really is so pretty in person. I have actually considered purchasing a second for another family member (or maybe the necklace!)

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