TLT Professional Manual Nose Hair Trimmer No Batteries Required

It seems that many people don’t like the manual nose hair trimmers because they say “it pulls the hair out.” I bought this for my fiance who uses it. He told me that it does pull hairs from time to time, but it’s not the trimmers fault. If he uses them properly (squeezing and releasing quickly, steady hand, and keeping them cleaned out), then the trimmers provide a clean cut without pulling. He said that if he does squeezes the trimmers too slow or moves his hand while squeezing – that’s when it pulls the hair. I think the more he uses them, the less pulling he’ll experience. We don’t think it’s a bad product. It’s nice having trimmers he can take with him on trips as these are very easy to just throw in a toiletry bag. I received these trimmers free for testing and review.

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