Tesla’s Mini Bluetooth Earpiece Hands-free Driving Headset with Dual Port USB Car Charger

I’ve always had a difficult time hearing whether it be on the phone or in person. I’ve tried other ear pieces but always felt awkward with the little microphone sticking out. That’s why I was really looking forward to receiving this ear piece. Here’s what I love about this ear earpiece1piece:

• Easy installation: Simply insert the charger into your cigarette lighter
• Easy set-up: Pairing it with my iPhone 6plus was a breeze. I just went into Settings: Bluetooth> and the Tesla’s ear piece showed up almost immediately. It connected with no problem, and I immediately made a call.
• Easy to use: This gadget is so simple to use, you don’t really even need instructions (although they do include directions). Making and receiving calls was almost effortless.
• Clarity: Being able to hear is kind of a big deal to me. Using this ear piece helps me tremendously when on a call. Having the ear piece in my ear drastically cuts down on outside interference allowing me to hear much better.
• Extra earbuds: It’s nice that they threw in different sizes of earbuds to make sure I got the perfect fit.
earpiece2• USB charging ports: There are 2 USB charging ports on the base of the charger so my daughter and I can both charge our phones at the same time. Smart thinking.
• Built-In microphone: I honestly feel silly wearing one of those ear pieces that have the little microphone sticking out of it. The microphone is built in on this device. The ear piece itself is very discreet. I’m completely comfortable wearing this – even in public.

Overall, I have no choice but to issue 5-stars to this device. It makes my life easier and safer. I’m very impressed and honestly didn’t realize I would love it so much! I received this ear piece free for testing and review.

earpiece3 earpiece4 earpiece5 earpiece6Purchase this wireless bluetooth ear piece HERE

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