Stem Cell Serum BIG 2 OZ SIZE With Matrixyl 3000, Argireline & Ferulic Acid

I am so satisfied with this product. I’m 42, and I’ve tried so many different beauty products. Usually, I end up disappointed and seeing no results. To my surprise, this product has not disappointed me at all. After the very first application, my skin felt so soft. My daughter even questioned why I kept touching my face. I told her because I couldn’t believe how soft it was. I’ve been using this before I apply my make up in the morning (be sure to let it dry completely before applying makeup) and before bed after removing my make up. My skin looks and feels better. I can tell that tiny lines have disappeared, and it’s actually helping to diminish the bags under my eyes. I think that’s from the tightening affect that I feel after the product dries. I highly recommend this product. I was lucky enough to receive this product free for testing and review.




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