Smart Sprout Baby Bowl Set

thumbnail_img_3691The Smart Sprout suction bowls are very similar thumbnail_img_3690to something we have been using in our house for about a year. I decided to add to our current selection in hopes that these will work better than the ones we currently own. I am pleased to say that they do.

The whole concept of a bowl that suctions to the table or highchair tray is basically ingenious…if it works. When I was first in the market for some, I purchased a brand named set. Even on a smooth plastic tray I cannot get them to stay put. Much to my surprise, the Smart Sprout bowls worked awesome. My 10 month old yanked and pulled on the bowl we suctioned to his highchair, but it didn’t budge. We also suctioned it to our wood table for our toddler, and it seemed to hold just as tight.

thumbnail_img_3689The bowls are a good size for a variety of meal thumbnail_img_3692options, and the matching lids are so nice for storing leftovers or for taking food on the go. The first brand we purchased only provided one lid for the largest bowl. I was glad to see that Smart Sprout added lids for each one.

Another pro for this product is that the lids and bowls stack well to make storage less of a hassle. This is a BIG plus for us.

We wash everything by hand in our house, so I cannot attest to how they hold up in a dishwasher. One con I noticed is that the plastic seems to hold on to grease. I had to rewash a couple of times to feel like they weren’t still slippery from food. Another con is more of a preference, but I wish they had used more generic colors. It isn’t a big deal, but we are a house of boys. The pink bowl isn’t a big hit. Thankfully my 10 month old has yet to develop a bias.

I think these are very handy, and I now use them for every meal with my kids.

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*I have received these bowls at a discounted rate. The opinions expressed in the preceding review are my honest and unbiased views.

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