Smart Anti-Lost Alarm Bluetooth Tracker Key Finder

I’ve been wanting one of these key finders for the past year. It’s such a great idea! I am constantly losing my keys. Now it’s not a problem because I have my key finder. All I had to do was download the iSearching app and sync up my key finder. For those who are computer and phone savvy, it’s a pretty simple process. But for those who struggle on the computer and phone, please know the directions aren’t very clear, and they are incredible small and hard to read. That’s why I went ahead and did a video. I thought maybe it would make more sense that way. Also, keep in mind that the range for finding it is 75 feet. So you have to be pretty close to the key finder for the alarm to sound. I considered giving it 4-stars because of the bad instructions, but it’s just so handy and helpful, I decided to give it five-stars despite the instructions. Everyone in my family needs one of these! I was given this key finder at a discounted price for testing and review.

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