Simple Chef French Press

If there in one thing we do at our house, it is coffee. Traditional pot, pour over, aeropress, and, of course, French press. Recently our French press has gotten a small chip in it, so I was excited to try a new one.

The Simple Chef French press has a very sleek and simple design. It is nice to look at and very functional. The filter on the press fits together well, and the plunger is snug but not at all awkward. After using it a few times, I can honestly say that it steeps great, and it leaves little to no grounds once pressed. Along with the press itself, we also received extra filters and some measuring/stirring spoons. These are a great addition.

I have two complaints with the press. One is extremely minor, as where the other is a bigger deal. The minor complaint is that the glass carafe does not come apart from the stainless steel frame. In general, no big deal, but I like to be able to wash and dry the carafe without the frame. The second issue has to do with the lid of the press. The lid seems to fit pretty loose (don’t confuse this with the actual plunger). The problem with this is that it leaves quite a bit of space around the spout for air to circulate. This significantly affects staying temperature of the coffee. A lid with a tighter seal and perhaps a spout cover that can twist open or twist to reveal slots would definitely keep in some of that warm air so that your brew can stay warm and fresh longer.

Despite those complaints, The Simple Chef press is a good product for the price. Many brands are 3 times the cost for a very comparable product.

*I received this product at a discounted rate.  The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion of this product.

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