Set Of 3 Romantic Bliss Collection Boomba Bath Bombs

Oh my gosh…what gal doesn’t love bath bombs? I couldn’t wait to hop in the tub with my fizzy ball. These bath bombs are hugs which gave me plenty of soothing soap and relaxing oils. I unwound in the tub for probably an hour just soaking it all in. My skin felt wonderful after my fizzy ball bath – smooth and rejuvenated. Oh yes, I’m in love with the smell of these bath bombs. Each bomb had it’s own unique smell, but all three of them smelled good enough to eat to me! I’d like to use one maybe once a week just to loosen up and treat my skin to some nourishing attention. I think they’d be great to use in a garden tub for a romantic bath as well.

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I received these bath bombs free for testing and review.

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