Scottii Luxurii Carbon iPhone 6 Plus Case

My son has been needing a new case for his cell phone. He’s like most men – hard to buy for. I never know exactly what style to get him when I buy him anything. When I ran across this case, I was sure that he’d love it. And, he did! This case is so smooth and stylish. It has a striped design and a leathery, plastic base and frame. Everything lines up just right, so there’s no hassle in using your cords or buttons. Even the volume buttons are sleek. The case is thin yet protective. I would’ve totally given it 5 starts, but it was a little difficult to put on our phone and came with no advice or instructions. But still, a very classy addition to my son’s cell phone case collection.

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I received this iPhone 6 Plus case free for testing and review.

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