SCENIC Infrared Meat Thermometer with 4″ Probe

I’ve been with my fiance for going on five years now. And while he is a wonderful cook, he’s always been nervous about cooking meat. He’s quite the perfectionist. He worries about undercooking our meat but hates overcooked meat. We’ve needed this thermometer for a long time. The attached probe allows him to insert it into the meat and determine if it’s ready to serve. This is going to come in super handy when eating steak for dinner because we like our steaks cooked a little differently. The numbers on the display are super easy to read which is greatly appreciated. The infrared option is handy as well. I’ve always had a hard time determining just how warm to get my grandson’s bath water. I know that just because it doesn’t feel hot to me – it may feel very hot to him. This thermometer eases my mind with bath water temps now. I know my grandson will enjoy his bath more when the water is a comfortable temperature. I received this thermometer free for testing and review.

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