Rustic Town Handmade Ancient Leather Journal

Everyone needs a place to put their thoughts and dreams or just a place to vent. This leather journal is going to be the perfect gift for my fiance’s daughter for Christmas. She’s one of those people who seem to have everything, and I can never figure out anything that she may like as a gift. I don’t see how you can go wrong with this journal. The front and back covers have an intricate design. Even the spine has a sweet pattern. The pages are perfectly white (no lines). It will look great on her nightstand. It did have a pretty stout smell when I first opened it (from the leather). I decided to leave it out for a couple of days, and the smell subsided. It wasn’t a terrible smell – just strong at first. But, that’s how it goes with a lot of leather. I received this journal free for testing and review.

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