Rubber Stamps and Inkpads

I purchased these stamps and inkpads on a whim. They were sold thumbnail_img_3700separately by Ning Store, but it seemed most natural to review them together. I will be sure to note each of them distinctly in the next paragraphs.

I am not really super crafty, but every once in awhile I get an urge to do something of the sort. I do, however, enjoy writing notes and letters, and I will often stamp or emboss the envelope. When I saw these stamps, I loved the designs, and I thought they would be great for a variety of stationary.

My first impression was that they are smaller than I anticipated. They are not much bigger than a quarter in diameter. I honestly was expecting something probably twice that size. I was concerned that perhaps they would be so small that the detail of the stamps would get lost. Thankfully, their rubber tips are actually cut quite deep, so the pattern comes out very clear. I actually liked the designs even better once they were stamped out in color, and I think the small size adds to their charm.

img_3696I also thought they stamped very thumbnail_img_3694evenly. Even the first initial use (seem in the photos) was a success without any of the half, uneven stamping that sometimes happens when stamps aren’t cut nice and flat.

As for the stamp pads, this set came with 14 colors, and each one of them is very bright. I thought the colors turned out great. Even the metallic pads where very rich in color. For the price, these inkpads are definitely worth it. My only complaint is that I wish they came in some sort of holder. Having all the different pads is a little cumbersome, and it would be nice to have them all stored or even set into a single unit.

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*I have received both of these items at a discounted rate. The opinions shared are, nevertheless, my honest and unbiased opinions.

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