Rectangle Warm Super Soft Plush Dog Bed

I live in a very small town where our choices of shopping are extremely limited. I bought my pup a bed from a chain store. She grew fast, and her bed just kept getting smaller and thinner. All the beds at the chain stores are really poor quality. When I received this bed, I was thrilled for my girl! It’s HUGE! She’s a nearly 35-lb Boston Terrier (which is pretty big for a lap dog, trust me.), and she actually looks small on this bed! She didn’t hesitate plopping right down with her toys and soaking up the softness. Yes, it’s really soft. I was tempted to use it for my pillow 😉 It has a soft faux fur inside. She sleeps inside a large crate at night, and this bed is so big that it takes up most of her crate. She’s definitely getting spoiled with this bed.

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