PowerLead Gypo UC46 1080P Wifi Wireless Video Projector

This projector has so much potential. My daughter was ecstatic when we received this projector. She wanted it all to herself to stream YouTube videos in her room. Although the projector comes with instructions on how to connect devices and connect to wifi, it does not tell you what to do once you get everything connected.

It was easy enough to get my iPhone connected to the projector, but I didn’t know how to stream anything from it once connected. I finally searched the app store for DNLA (because that was on the projector screen) and found some apps to assist in streaming to the projector. I eventually got it to play a video that I had saved to my phone, but it would not stream anything from YouTube. So, streaming from the iPhone was out.

I then hooked it up to my laptop via HDMI. It kept showing no signal. I finally got my laptop to sync to the projector by going into my settings and telling it to sync with wireless devices. It found the laptop, so I synced to it. I could then extend or duplicate my laptop screen to the projector, so if we wanted to watch something online, we could do it that way.

When it comes to game consoles and DVD players, I imagine those would hook up without a hitch as it seems they would just be plug and play. Once I did get something playing, I was thrilled. The picture is crisp and clear. I’m able to focus and adjust the perspective. The built-in speaker isn’t too bad if you’re using it in a small room indoors. The unit itself is a little loud because of the cooling fan. The remote can be a pain as you have to aim it directly to the back of the projector. I like that I can adjust the angle of the projector with the little screw-out leg in front.

I think it’s a great projector and would give it 5 stars if there had been better instructions on what to do with it after you get everything set up wirelessly (and how to stream from your phone). We’re still super stoked to have it, though. We’re going to set it up outside for Halloween and play scary scenes on the side of our house to scare the trick-or-treaters because that’s how we roll. I was given this projector free for testing and review.

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