Post After Shave Balm Moisturizer Calms Skin Eliminates Razor Burn and Irritation Lotion

My fiance has been struggling with dry skin for awhile now. His face bothers him in particular. I was interested in seeing if this shave balm/moisturizer could help. This thick lotion helps soothe his dry skin and not just when he shaves. He can use it daily on his face, brow and neck. Since we only got 4 oz, we’ll stick with applying it to his face so it’ll last longer. It really doesn’t have much of a smell to me. I used a little on my legs after shaving them, and the moisturizer left them feeling pretty silky. But I definitely wouldn’t buy this for my legs. It’s really geared more towards men. I like flowery scents for my lotions. Since this lotion has no smell, it’s perfect for the guys. I received this after shave balm at a discounted price for testing and review.

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