Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This is one of the smartest blood pressure monitors I’ve owned. I’ll jump right in with what I love about it. The color coding of the display based on your blood pressure is genius. This is a perfect idea for older people who may have a difficult time seeing the numbers. If they see the display color is orange or red, they know they need to get that blood pressure down! I found it quite easy to set up. I adjusted the time and date, so it will accurately store my information for me if I need to reference it in the future. The numbers are large and easy for me to read. I’m glad it shows the heart rate along with my blood pressure. It comes in a hard case to keep it protected. It even comes with 2 AA batteries! Everyone should have a blood pressure monitor at home. I received this blood pressure monitor free for testing and review.

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