OUNONA Magnetic Knife Holder 16 inch Magnetic Knife Strips Stainless Steel w/ 5 Removable Hooks

This is one of those products where you don’t know what you’re missing until you actually have one. I recently got a new stainless steel utensil set with hooks on the handles, and honestly didn’t have enough room in my utensil drawer to store them. They were so pretty I didn’t want to hide them away in a drawer anyway. That’s when I decided to order this knife utensil holder. I decided to put it on the side of my pantry that sits next to my stove. It’s a perfect fit! The utensil holder was super easy to install. Just two screws to secure the holder in place and voila! Next, I just place the hooks on the holder wherever I wanted to place my utensils, and I was done. Now my utensils are beautifully and conveniently displayed. And I can also hang my knives on it since the holder is also magnetic. This holder is seriously one of my favorite pieces in my kitchen – right next to my new utensils, of course 😉 I received this knife utensil magnetic holder free for testing and review.

knife utensild holder1 knife utensild holder2

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