Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

My girl, Willow, has extremely sensitive skin. My vet told me that baby shampoo is the best option for her as most of the dog shampoos have additives. When I read about this shampoo being all-natural and good for itchy skin, I thought it may be a great alternative to the baby shampoo. Unfortunately, it’s not good for my dog. The shampoo itself was thick and looked moisturizing. It smells great. It lathered up wonderfully and rinsed clean. I made very sure to rinse her well since her skin is so sensitive. Willow’s coat looked fantastic when we got her dry, and she smelled wonderful too. I really thought we’d found something she could tolerate. But within an hour of being dry, she started scratching. And she scratched fiercely for a bit, so I went ahead and gave her another bath in her regular shampoo. Once I washed her in her regular shampoo, the itching seemed to subside. She was still scratching some after the second bath, but nothing like she did before.

I do believe this shampoo would probably work great on a “normal” dog. All I can tell you is my experience with it. Willow’s definitely a special girl with special skin. My suggestion would be to ask your vet first if your dog has sensitive skin.

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This shampoo was provided to me for free to test and review.

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