Ninedaily Women Shirts Keyhole Blouse Long Sleeves V Neck

I’m always up for updating my wardrobe. So when I was offered this shirt free to test, I snatched it up right away. This shirt is an awesome addition to my wardrobe because it can be worn so many different ways. I wore it for a night out on the town the day I received it (because obviously I couldn’t wait to wear it!). My fiance couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He really liked the shirt.

The design of the shirt showcases my figure. I’m by no means skinny. I have plenty of curves, but I felt all kinds of sexy wearing this shirt. There is a pleated hem that runs down the front of the shirt and the material gathers causing a ripple effect from the bottom of the V-neck to the bottom of the shirt. I was a little nervous wearing it at first because it clings to my body. But once I seen the reaction of my fiance, my worries disappeared.

The material is extremely comfortable. It’s a soft, stretchy cotton that actually holds it’s shape. It’s also very easy to clean. I just threw it in the wash with my other dark colors and even dried it on my regular cycle as well. It did not shrink whatsoever.

This shirt’s very versatile as it can be worn with a blazer or a scarf. It can be a stand-alone shirt or even paired up with a flannel top just for something fun and different. It’s a great buy!
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