Naztech N750 Emerge Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Mercy, I have needed an ear piece like this for months now. My iPhone is a total piece of junk, and I can never hear on it. The people I’m talking to can never hear me on it, so getting this ear piece was the perfect solution. It was so easy to install! I synced it with my phone and within seconds, I was making my first call. I let it charge overnight when I first opened it. I don’t talk on my phone very much – just a few minutes a day. I’ve not had to charge this ear piece in over 3 days. I’m sure if I were to make more calls, I’d have to charge it more. I also like that I can just use it to listen to music on my phone if I want. The recipients of my calls are so glad that they can finally hear me now. They say that I sound so much clearer. The clarity of the sound from the ear piece is spot on as well. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this product. I received this products free for testing and review.

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