Naisidier Safety Corner Guards 12PCS Furniture Guard, Corner Protectors (Circular)

With a little one on the way, and a one year old nephew running around, childproofing our home is now a priority.  When I came across the Naisidier Safety Corner Guards, they caught my eye for a few reasons.  One, they are clear, which makes for a less obtrusive visual of our furniture as the wood grain still shows through versus a frosted look.  The company says it is made partly from PVC but you would never guess that since the product itself is a soft rubbery texture – nothing like PVC pipe.  What gave me the most comfort in sticking these all over my furniture is the fact they use 3M adhesive.  Now I’m a local Minnesota girl where 3M has it’s headquarters, but if I’m going to use any adhesives on my walls or furniture and not dread the day I have to peel it off, 3M is what I’m going to use.  It’s not some generic adhesive that I’m going to regret having to repaint or refinish my end tables when the time comes to peel it off.  Even if it saves your kiddo one trauma of falling into a corner, this product is well worth.  Even moreso if it saves you a trip to the ER for stitches…


*I was fortunate to have received these corner guards at no cost. The above opinions, however, are my honest and unbiased thoughts on the product, and I am under no obligation to leave these statements.

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