Motion Sensor Night Light Rechargeable

If I could give these motion lights more stars, I would. My fiance and I almost bought something similar to these motion sensor lights at Walgreen’s a couple of weeks ago, but they plugged in the wall and were quite expensive. I also didn’t like the thought of having to waste outlet space. So, I found these on Amazon, and wow. I am super pleased. I was going to list all the pros and cons of these lights, but I honestly can’t think of any cons. So, I’ll just tell you what I like about them:

• Wireless – These do not have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They are rechargeable and the charging cord is included.
• Magnetic – I found where I wanted to place them and peeled the cover off the sticker and placed them. It’s

a magnet that sticks to the wall, and the motion sensor light attaches to the magnet. Mind. Blown. That way, when they need to be recharged, you just pull them off the magnet and let them charge!
• Very bright light – When these light up, we have absolutely no problem seeing our way to the bathroom or kitchen. The lights are vibrant.
• Adjustable settings – There are 4 different settings (even though we only use #3). #1 is OFF. #2 is ON (all the time on). #3 is motion sensor setting to BRIGHT, #4 is motion sensor setting to DIM (still bright but not so much as #3).
• Small and Stylish – They take up very little space on the wall. Because we set them near the floor, they’re barely noticeable. We don’t mind if they are noticeable though, because they look pretty cool – modern.
• Energy saver – This keeps us from having to waste energy keeping a bathroom light on at night. Even when these lights come on, they’re not using any energy! Just whatever energy it takes to charge them is all we use. Super cost effective.

If you can’t tell, I’m super pleased with these lights. I highly recommend!

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