Moda Mode Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Pieces Clip In 24″ Hair Extension

This is a great solution for me as I had to cut off all my hair recently over a bleaching mistake. After over-processing my hair, I had to cut all but about 3 inches off. I loved wearing my hair in a ponytail because it’s always so convenient. When I came across this synthetic ponytail, I hoped it could be a substitute until my hair grew out again. Well, it worked! Luckily, the color matches my hair perfectly. I was worried at first that the synthetic hair would look fake. But after putting it on and styling it, it looks like my natural hair.The hair piece itself was extremely easy to clip in and style. There’s an extra piece that is used to wrap around the base of the pony tail to make it look more natural. I love that I can curl or straighten it. I just put my straightener or curling iron on the lowest setting so it doesn’t cause any heat damage. Keeping it clean is a cinch. I wash it in baby shampoo and spray it with some detangler to help me comb it. Then I lay it on a flat surface to dry. The first time my fiance saw me in it, he was “wow”ed. He thought it looked natural and great in my hair. That makes me happy! I received this hair piece at a discounted price for testing and review.

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