Mobility® Laptop Cooling Pad

This cooling pad really ranks high with my all-time favorite Amazon items. I have desperately needed a new cooling pad for over a year now, but it’s just not something I think of when I’m at the store. When I pulled this one from the box, I felt like my laptop had found it’s soulmate haha. The design is awesome – shaped like a butterfly and red. I love red! The entire cooling pad is vented. There are 4 different fans. The two fans on top are on one control, and the bottom two fans are on another control, so I can adjust the amount of air I need. I really like that I can pop out the legs on the bottom and have my laptop at a slant. And to keep it from sliding off the cooling pad, there are two small legs on top that stabilize my laptop. Another nice feature is the USB cord can be attached to the bottom when not in use. I have no issues with this cooling pad. But I will say when you have all 4 fans running on high, it’s a little loud. But that’s to be expected. I’ve owned a couple other cooling pads in the past, but this one takes the cake. I love it. I was given this cooling pad at a discounted price for testing and review.

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