Majestic Pure Makeup Remover for Eye and Face

I’ve always bought make-up remover clothes to clean my face, but they always seem to dry out so fast and feel rough on my face. I decided to try this lavender water make-up remover to see if it would be any gentler on my face. It definitely was. Firstly, I love that it has a pump. The pump allows me more control of how much I put on my cotton ball. This make up remover is impressive. It has the consistency of water with just a light lavender smell, but it’s powerful enough to remove even my liquid eyeliner and mascara. I did get some in my eye while cleaning my face, but it didn’t even burn my eyes. It left my face very clean. Once it dried, my face felt refreshed. I think this bottle will last me a good while. I’m very pleased with it. I received this makeup remover at a discounted price for testing and review.

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