Majestic Pure Hair Conditioner for Damaged Hair

So, my hair is extremely damaged where I tried to correct a color mistake by myself. I ended up bleaching it three times in 2 days. I had to cut it off, but regardless of how much I cut, the ends were still fried. I was looking forward to receiving this conditioner because I thought it may help repair my hair, but I think my hair is too far gone for help. It may be because of my hair type or the fact that it’s so damaged, but it felt like this conditioner clumped up in my hair. I had a difficult time getting it rinsed out. Brushing my hair afterwards was quite a task as well as blow drying it. I think that if my hair hadn’t been so completely damaged, this conditioner would’ve worked much better. It has the consistency of regular conditioner (which doesn’t do well on my hair). It has a very light, pleasant grapefruit scent. I’m going to give it another try once I get all this dead hair cut off. I received this conditioner at a discounted price for testing and review.

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