Mabox 6 Set Clear Earrings

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img_3756img_3757Ok, this review will be straight to the point.

These earrings are not good quality. Upon receiving this 6 pair earring set, I immediately noticed that one of the earrings was totally missing a stone. It wasn’t broken, it just didn’t have the stone, and the stone was nowhere in the packaging. The larger pairs look very cheap, and the prongs remind me of something one would find on a child’s dress up jewelry. The posts on a few of the earrings were also bent. Not a great initial impression.

The smaller pairs aren’t bad, and they are the only reason I am willing to keep my set that I received at a discounted rate. I did think that the smaller ones work nicely, and the posts were not too long. Occasionally earrings have long posts that poke the back of my ear. Not the case with these.

In all fairness, these are not high dollar by any means. Nevertheless, I would shy away from suggesting these to a friend.

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*I have received this product at a discounted rate. The above statements are my honest and unbiased opinions

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