Langforth Travel Umbrella 10-Rid

This umbrella is my new travel companion. I have several umbrellas hidden in different spots….by the door, in the car, at work. But this one will be right by my side if there’s wet weather in the forecast. It’s perfect for the individual – but even better when me and my fiance want to walk together. It has a great design with lots of support. We took it out in the wind, and it didn’t even flip on us! Classic black is the perfect color for any occassion, and the sleek handle with the wooden trim makes it even more attractive. I love that it has a carrying loop on the end of the handle. It really comes in handy when you have your hands full of groceries. That’s one less thing you have to carry in your hands. It also comes with a cover to keep water from dripping everywhere in your car or house. I love this great umbrella!

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