LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask

I have struggled with eye bags and puffy eyes for what seems like my whole life. I’m very self-conscious about it. I’ve tried tons of different products that promise dramatic results. This is the first eye product that I’ve received that I was nervous about trying. These eye masks reminded me of Jell-O with their consistency. I decided to try my first ones after my morning shower. They felt great on my skin – so cooling and soothing, and they stayed in place. They’ll even stretch a bit so I can make sure I cover all my problem areas. I wore them as I got dressed, dried my hair and curled my hair – definitely over 30 minutes. I could actually tell a small difference after my first try. My eyes are the worse in the morning. I noticed the difference when I put my make up on. Normally I wear concealer to try and hide the lines under my eyes. I didn’t even bother wearing concealer that day! I definitely felt more confident and less self-conscious. I plan on using these daily. I’m hoping they will also help diminish a couple of dark spots on my face near my eyes. I received these eye masks were free for testing and review.

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