L-electron Lab Tactical Flashlight

I purchased the L-electron lab tactical flashlight for my husband who loves anything tactical gearish. Immediately after opening the package he tested out all the settings. He was very impressed with the brightness and clarity of the light, not to mention the distance that it illuminated.

In general the size is really compact, which is great for travel or outdoor activities. It fits well in the hand, and the weight is neither to heavy nor does it feel cheap. It is a sturdy flashlight.

His only real complaints are:

  1.  It is too bulky for your pocket. His job demands that he have a small light on hand, but this one just isn’t convenient for everyday use.
  2. You can cycle through the settings one of two ways. Either you can lightly tap the on button and it will change through OR you can turn the light on and off and on and off. His complaint with this is that if you want to continue using a particular setting, you can’t turn it completely off. If you do it moves to the next setting when you turn it back on. This means you have to cycle through all 5 settings each time. VERY annoying.
  3. It didn’t come with instructions. This one is minor since the light isn’t overly complex, but nevertheless it would have been nice.

As far as quality goes, this is a good product. As for functionality it does have that above-mentioned flaw which cannot be overlooked. That said, this is a 4.5 star product.

*I have received this item at a discounted rate. The above opinions are my honest and unbiased thoughts.

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