Kitchen 4 You 4 Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer

This is a very simple kitchen tool that allows me to slice and spiralize my vegetables and pastas. i simply inserted the item I wanted to slice and pushed the top into it. The top has spikes to hold the food in place. I then turned the top as I pressed it against the blade. My personal observances were that it seems to work better when using round shaped foods like small potatoes and carrots. I also seemed to accomplish more by just using my hand to twist the vegetables until they completely fit inside the spiralizer. The spiked top was convenient once the food fit inside completely. There’s a variety of different cuts I can use thanks to the various blades they sent. The blades are easily interchangeable. Simply flip a latch forward and slide the old blade up and out. Insert the new blade into the guides and slide it down. This should help me make some interesting meals.

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This spiralizer was given to me free for testing and review.

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