Kingstar Professional Hair Blow Dryer Holder

Every new hair dryer needs a safe spot on the wall. After receiving my new blow dryer, I didn’t want to just hang it on the screw I had in the wall. So, I installed this new blow dryer holder from Kingstar. It’s pretty easy to hang – just peel and stick. The hanger part was a little confusing for me. Of course, I’m not mechanically inclined, so it took me a minute to figure it out. Once I got it all together, my hair dryer looked fantastic in it. I love that it keeps my dryer out of the way. A word of advice though – if you have semi-gloss paint on your wall (I do), it will stick on your wall, but you can’t put too much weight on it. I reinforced mine with a couple of small nails, and now I don’t worry about it pulling from the wall. My new hair dryer from Kingstar is safe and secure now. It’s a very handy holder to have. I received this holder free for testing and review.

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