IVOR Coffee Dripper

In our house, we do coffee. every. single. day. We are a little snobby about it, and we do believe that how you brew the beans makes a difference. When I saw the opportunity to try an at home pour over coffee dripper, I was excited.

The IVOR dripper is a simple device.  It is basically a very fine mesh funnel that sits on top of your mug. Nevertheless, it works great. First, the ring along the bottom of the funnel, which is used to balance on your mug, is a good size. Unless you are using a very wide mouth mug or a tiny espresso cup, it is likely to fit nicely without any mess. The design also does a good job of funneling the water down without spilling.

As I mentioned, the mesh is very fine. Although it is a little bit of a pain to get really clean, it does allow the coffee to steep at a proper pace to get a rich and full flavor. Additionally, it doesn’t allow any grounds through. I tried adding a filter to see if that would be a nice alternative to cleaning the mesh. What I found was that the filter slowed things down. This isn’t a horrible problem if you have time to wait, and if you like your coffee pretty strong. It did save on cleaning, but in the morning I’m in a rush for my coffee so this won’t be my norm.

Last thing I will mention, which may be common sense, but this is a single cup brewing system. I was expecting this, but if you are looking for something to serve multiple cups at a time, then try out a different system.

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*I received this product at a discounted rate. The above statements, however, are my honest and unbiased opinions.


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