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Excited was not the word I would use to describe my reaction when I opened the Amazon box that contained this item. More like ECSTATIC! I absolutely adore pieces that are the center of attention without even trying. This shoulder bag is so simplistic and lovely. It needs nothing more than what it has. Sometimes less is more – and that’s certainly the case with this bag. The genuine leather is so soft and the color is just beautiful. The straps are the perfect length for me because I like keeping my purse tucked safely under my arm as I’m walking. The bag itself is quite large but not overly large. It’s definitely big enough for me to carry my laptop inside, but I’m currently using it as my purse. There’s so much room inside. It has several factors that contribute to this excellent bag:

The interior lining is gorgeous – it’s a sturdy silk material.
There’s pockets on the inside where I can stash my phone and find it easier that when I used a smaller purse.
There’s a zippered pocket on the outside that adds even more convenience
The shoulder straps are adjustable
The stitching is heavy duty and precise

I couldn’t be more pleased with this purse. I’ll be carrying it for many days to come.
I received this beautiful messenger bag for review and testing.

Purchase this exquisite purse/messenger bag/laptop bag HERE

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