iPhone SE Screen Protector Aegis Defender Premium Tempered Glass

This screen protector is a must-have for anyone with an iPhone 5/5s/SE phones. If you’re an Apple phone owner, you fully understand that these phones are entirely too expensive to leave the screen vulnerable. This screen protector kit came with an alcohol prep pad to clean and dry the phone before applying the screen. There’s also a drying cloth to help remove any smudges and leave the phone completely dry. There’s also a dusting film that can be placed on the phone and peeled off to remove any lingering dust. Just remember if you happen to get a thumb smudge on your phone after using the dusting cloth, just use the drying cloth to buff out the smudge. Then, simply apply your screen and smooth out the bubbles. I wrap the edge of a credit card with the drying cloth and use that to smooth the bubbles to the edge, leaving me with a smooth bubble-free screen protector. I received this screen protector free for testing and review.

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