iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case

Okay. Let me tell you a little story about this case. Once upon a time, there was a man who bought a new iPhone 6s and needed a case. He didn’t want just any case. He wanted something that could completely protect his investment. He received this case. After reading the instructions, he spent several minutes trying to put the case on his phone – no luck. He handed it to the woman who struggled for over 30 minutes trying to put the case on with no luck. The top and bottom would snap the way it was supposed to, but the sides just would not snap together. They pressed with all their might with no luck. Finally the woman suggests that the man go get some pliers to press down on the sides. He reluctantly agreed. As he walked away, the woman bit down on one side and SNAP! The side finally shut! She quickly bit down on the other side before the man came back, and SNAP again! It shut too! When the man came back and realized the woman had successfully closed the case, they both sang and danced and clapped their hands! This is a totally true story except for the singing and dancing. This case was a b*tch for us to get on. But now that it’s on, it’s absolutely the perfect case for my fiance’s phone. The hard plastic exterior fits tightly (obviously) and securly around his phone. All the ports have rubber gaskets to close them. There’s even a convenient wrist strap that he can use if he doesn’t have pockets to carry his phone in. We have no doubt that his phone will stay perfectly safe in this case. I condensed the video 4X’s because I wanted to let everyone see what a time we had trying to get this case on. Just know up front that using your teeth or pliers on the sides may save you a lot of time. I received this case free for testing and review.

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