iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE Battery Case

I have needed a battery case for ages. I’m so glad that I got this one. I went on an outing this weekend where I didn’t have access to charge my phone if I needed to. But thanks to this battery case, I was prepared! My phone got down to about 20% when I turned on the external battery. It charged my phone fully in a matter of a few minutes – and the battery case still had juice in it! Of course, my phone is much heavier when the case is on it, but I actually like that it is. The heavier phone stays in my pocket much better. I also love the style of this case. It’s pretty thin considering it’s function. I never had any trouble getting my phone in the case. I simply removed the top and slid my phone inside. The color is very stylish as well. I got the rose gold. I’m sure to get plenty of use from this great battery case.

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I received this battery case free for testing and review.

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