Hydrate, Filter, and Infuse Right In Your Water Bottle

A water bottle that’s fun? Yep, that’s exactly what I got when I received my bobble infuser. I live in an older house with old pipes and have always thought my water had a metallic taste (don’t worry, it’s safe). I normally buy bottled water to drink, but sometimes I run out. I’ll forget to pick some up at the store. Now I don’t have to worry about it with my bobble infuser bottle. This little bottle is something else. Okay, so if I want some fruity infused water, I just throw some fruit in this bad boy and there I go. But this bottle has a built-in filter, so whether I’m in the mood for fruity or plain, I know I’m getting clean, filtered water. It’s great to have in hand when I’m doing yard work. I get super thirsty and I can gulp down my water from this squeezable bottle. I love the shape. I love the design. I love the color. Definitely two-thumbs up! I received this bottle free for testing and review.

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