Hiware set of 12 teaspoons

I am a hostess by nature, and I enjoy having a reason to get people together, serve food, andthumbnail_img_3668 decorate. One thing that always seemed to be lacking in my trove of decor were simple teaspoons. When I saw this set of 12 by Hiware, I decided it was time to remedy that problem.

The first test of durability they endured was administered by my two young children. They quickly became musical instruments and teething toys. I am happy to say they passed without any battle scars. Not a ding or bent neck from the whole ordeal. Truly, these spoons are quite sturdy. Additionally, I noticed that they are very symmetrical, which makes them look great on a table setting.

They have a nice amount of shine to them, and while they are not fancy in design, they are good quality. In fact, the basic design makes them very versatile for use alongside other flatware. I will add in here that I wash everything by hand, so I can not fairly attest to how they hold up after several rounds in a dishwasher.

thumbnail_img_3669The only genuine drawback I found in them is their size. Obviously, this may also be a plus depending on how you plan to use them. I was thinking a bit smaller when I ordered them. They are a little big for a teacup, but they will work well for soup or cereal.

Overall, these spoons have lived up to my expectations. Even at full price, their quality makes them a good value.

*I  have received these for free, however the above statements are my honest and unbiased assessment of this product. #GotItFree #TouchofClassReviews

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