Hipster Mens Comfort Shoe

These brown shoes remind me of a canvas type of the old Sebago shoes we used to wear growing up. I gave these to my fiance to add some variation to his shoe collection that consists mostly of tennis shoes and work boots. He looks great in these shoes when wearing with his jeans. I personally didn’t like how they looked with shorts, but they go great with jeans or pants. He always buys wide shoes and wears a size 12. He said these shoes fit him comfortably and didn’t seem to bother his feet at all. They do not have any kind of arch support, so you may have to buy inserts if you need arch support. I love the colors – the red on the brown really goes well together. These are some very nice looking shoes.

Purchase these brown canvas shoes here HERE

Please know that I received this product free because the seller wanted my honest and unbiased review.

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