Health & Therapeutic Collection Luxurious Bath Bomb Gift Set Of 3 Health & Therapeutic Collection

I would like to give you my own personal experience with these bath fizzy balls. Unfortunately, I can’t because my teenage daughter snatched them from my hands as soon as I pulled them out of the box. She informed me that I would see her in a couple of hours as she was going to soak in the tub. She LOVES these bath bombs. When she got out of the tub, I could smell her from 5 feet away. She smelled so clean. The first one she used smelled a bit like a floral version of Irish Spring soap – just a very fresh, clean smell. She also carried on about how smooth her skin was and that she didn’t even have to put on lotion because her skin felt so moisturized. These bath balls must make for a very relaxing bath because she stays in the tub forever when using them. I received these fizzy balls free for testing and review.

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