Gold Plated Chain Crystal Maple Leaf Pendant Necklace

Everyone who knows me personally, knows that I love costume jewelry. I love adding unique pieces to my collection even more. I ordered this necklace with a maple leaf pendant on it and was very happy when I received it. I expected it to look cheap, but it doesn’t. I mean, obviously it’s not real, but it doesn’t look cheap. The pendant is actually much bigger than I thought it would be. The “diamonds” covering it are all there – none fell off. The pearl in the middle really sets it off. Probably my favorite feature about this necklace is that it has a long chain that is adjustable. I adjust the chain by holding both of the loose ends and sliding the pendant to my desired length. This is the perfect piece for autumn which is just right around the corner!

Purchase your maple leaf necklace HERE

I received this necklace with pendant for a discounted price for testing and review.

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