Flexible LED Strip Lights

I didn’t even have a chance with these lights. My teenage daughter snatched them away from me before I knew what happened. I told her that if she took them, she had to do a video of them. I could hear her oooing and ahhhing all the way in the living room. Of course, she had to have me come in and see what all cool stuff they could do. I was really surprised by how bright they were. It was fun to watch all the different colors and modes. Thankfully, they can be dimmed. The only issue that we came across is that the remote is a little testy at times. We had to make sure we had a direct line to the sensor before it would work. I told my daughter that I wanted to put these up in the living room window for Christmas, but I think the only way that’s going to happen is if I order another set. I received this product free for testing and review.

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