Family Deco bamboo utensils

When I first opened the Family Deco bamboo non-scratch utensils, I was immediately impressed. Despite their sleekness, they are very sturdy. They are very attractive as well, with matted black utensil heads and light bamboo handles.

I decided to use them first with pasta and marinara sauce. I will admit to getting them sufficiently messy, and I was impressed with how easily they cleaned up with out feeling greasy or staining the light handle. They also held up on the open heat of our gas stove. There are no signs of burning or warping. Lastly, they did not get overly hot to the touch even when I left them leaning against the pot of boiling water and sauce.

In general, I am extremely pleased with this product. The only small negative I have is totally superficial. I am not big on seeing a slight gap between the silicon utensil head and the silver handle piece and then the bamboo handle piece. I recognize that this may be impossible to avoid, but it does take from the overall appearance of the utensils. Nevertheless, they do look nice, and they seem to perform very well.

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