Expandable 50′ Expanding Hose

I’m so glad to finally find an expandable water hose that works the way it was intended. This water hose is much more durable than my last one (which busted). It came with a nozzle that has several different settings on it that you can adjust depending on the pressure of water you need. This 50 foot hose is the perfect length for my yard. Having this hose is so much better than my regular rubber hose. I always have a difficult time rolling up my old rubber hose after use. That’s not the case with this flexible, expanding hose. Once I shut the water off, I hold in the lever on the nozzle as I gather the hose up. This releases whatever water is left in the hose and allows me to wrap the hose up compactly. I’m really glad I got this hose for my yard work.

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I received this hose free for testing and review.

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