Durable Pet Nail Grinder AtomBud® Pet Grooming Kits

I always dread trimming my dog’s nails. She’s a very good girl and sits patiently while I do them. Of course, I’m always scared that I’m going to cut them too close and hurt her. I don’t have to worry about that anymore since I got this nail grinder. It’s really very nice. It’s not like those cheap ones where the grinder is just covered with coarse paper. This is an actual stone, so it won’t tear or catch her nail. It takes 2 AA batteries (actually included!) and has two different openings for different sized dogs. It’s really easy to operate, too. I just grab her little paw and guide her nail into the opening. I don’t hold it against the stone but for a couple of seconds before lifting it off. I’m more at ease using this which makes her more at ease because she can sense when I’m nervous. Now my girl has fabulous nails! I received this pet nail grinder free for testing and review.

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